Used softtops for sale at Noordzee Boardstore Surfshop & Surfschool Scheveningen. From really cheap used ones untill good looking, from 50 untill 200 euro. The best part of these soft top surfboards is that they’re close to indestructible. The soft core and outer layer make any soft top board incredibly difficult to ding or crease. If you accidentally ran into the shore or are surfing in shallow water or just got smoked on a wave, your board will still be fine.Soft tops are generally safer because of their soft deck and soft fins. If you crash into your own board, you come out on top against a soft top. No need to worry about taking a fin to the head and needing stitches, or wrecking your board which is probably worse. Since softtops are so durable, they last longer than normal boards. So if you’re on the fence about whether to buy a surfboard, soft tops will change your mind.

Softtops Surfboards have soft decks and usually slick, bodyboard-like bottoms. Unlike traditional boards that are usually made with polyurethane foam and then glassed with either fiberglass resin or epoxy, soft top boards are made with EPS-foam, like a boogie board with a wooden stringer